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Maintenance Tools and Machine Upgrades

As technology advances and quality control becomes more stringent, it has become necessary for us to design and test upgrades that allow our machines to evolve with the changes in today’s market.  We have designed maintenance tools that enable more efficient troubleshooting of machinery.  Whether it’s modifying your existing system to run more efficiently, updating obsolete controls, or offering training to help your current personnel manage the system better, we have the tool for you.  Some of our upgrades and maintenance tools are listed below.  If there is an area that you currently are experiencing problems, and a tool is not listed that addresses it, please contact us.  We will work with you to get the problem resolved.


Machine Upgrades:

New Style Upper Arm Tension Spring

Glass drill upper arm tension spring

  • This spring is designed to reduce wear on the upper drilling arm bearings and to reduce any current slop you may have in your current bearings.  Click here for more information regarding the upper arm tension spring.  Note: there are Metric and English versions of this spring, so please have your drill model number and serial number ready when you inquire about this spring to ensure you receive the proper item. 

Tooling pressure detect re-locators

  • Pressure detect locators use a pressure switch to positively detect that a piece of glass is properly located prior to allowing a drilling cycle.  There are 3 locations that we detect in order to ensure a hole is drilled in the same location every cycle.

Tooling Plate on Pedestal

Tooling Control Pedestal

Hand Held HMI

Hand held HMI pendant

  • We currently offer a hand held HMI that allows an operator to not only perform manual functions, but also enter data for feeds and speeds during sample drilling.  By allow the operator to enter compensation, feeds and speeds from the pendant, the operator does not need to exit the cell to use the HMI.  This reduces the chance of slipping on the granite or tripping over a cable.

Glass drill stepper control upgrade

  • Due to obsolescence, we now offer a stepper motor/drive combination that will still allow our customer to use the old drive with a new motor, or a new drive with the old motor. 

PLC to ControlLogix upgrade

  • Due to obsolescence of HMI's and PLC's, we have come up with a solution to replace your old PLC with a new ControlLogix.  The Logix upgrade will still allows connection to the existing 1771 I/O, but moves the stepper and analog control to the Logix rack.  A new HMI will replace the old TCP, which allows more functionality and eliminates worry and/or expense of repairs or replacement.  Please contact us for more info regarding this upgrade.

Sun Tool Grinder Controls Upgrade

Sun Tool grinder controls upgrade

  • Due to obsolescence, we offer a very effective controls upgrade for the Sun Tool grinder.  This controls upgrade uses a multi-axis servo controller for the arm, table, and locators as well as an updated HMI that can be used as a view node to the PLC software as well as a recipe manager for part programs.


Machine Tools:

Glass drill maintenance tool box
  • This contains all the tools needed to perform maintenance on a glass drilling machine.  The tool box is described in our maintenance manual.
Drill Maintenance Tool Box Components

Portable Maintenance Panel Portable Maintenance Panel Top Box
Portable Maintenance Panel Bottom Box

Glass drill portable maintenance station

  • We have created a single plug maintenance panel that can be wheeled from one area to another for glass drill diagnostics/maintenance or for limited run sample drilling

Glass drill control plug test box

  • We now offer a test box that can be used for offline testing of glass drill I/O.  This box contains an LED for each sensor that is used for the drill and a selector switch to force on each output. 
Drill Control Plug Test Box

Classroom Training

Hands On Training

Operator, maintenance, and engineering training
  • Because industry is constantly changing, there are often new workers that are asked to perform tasks that they were not properly trained.  Because of this, quality of the product and efficiency is negatively affected.  We offer a complete training session that begins in the classroom, continues to hands on training, and ends with a person who is much more knowledgeable of the machine and the process.  We can customize training from a beginner level to an advanced level.  Tell us what you want and we will prepare a training session that meets your needs.

Glass drill drawing detail

  • To the right you will see a drawing detail of a standard glass drill. Every component that is used to build a glass drill has a number associated to it.  Please refer to this picture if you are experiencing problems relaying to customer service exactly what part you would like.  Since we have multiple drill models, the model number and serial number from the drill will be a great help when contacting customer service as well.  Contact Customer Service
Glass Drill Drawing Detail


Modification for Large Hole Glass Drilling

  • A standard glass drill can drill a hole of up to approx. 35mm.  If a larger hole is needed, we have a conversion kit that includes a different belt and pulley combination for the spindles.  The new belt and pulley combination allows for more motor torque to assist with drilling the larger hole.  A slug deflector is also included with this modification to deflect the larger slug from damaging the bottom drill bit. TAC has worked with customers drilling up to a 75mm hole.  Please let us know your application and we will work with you.


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